30 07, 2005


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I've resigned! Yes, resigned myself to the fact that Filipinos will always be bickering about something and that every Filipino wants to be president at the same time. The political opposition here in the Philippines has always lived up to it's name. Yup, oppose everything: the president, the president's desire for a good economy, the [...]

10 09, 2004

Economic Woes

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It's September. Being a Filipino (living in the Philippines), this means that the Christmas season has "officially" started. Once the "-ber" months begin, so do the Christmas songs on the radio (although I started to hear such songs waaay back in would you belive, July?), Christmas decorations in the malls, among others.But can we really [...]

25 06, 2004

The Long Wait Is Over

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Finally! After much bickering, the two houses of Congress finally declared Gloria Arroyo and Noli de Castro as President and Vice-president of the Philippines. I never thought that Cong. Dilangalen and his team will stop talking. Jeez, he babbled even more after receiving the "Shut-up" note. Then there were the lawyers for FPJ, Loren, Ping, [...]

1 02, 2004

Beta Elections, Beta Politics

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The Supreme Court has nullified the contract for the automated counting machines bought by COMELEC. If not for the decision, I would have never known that COMELEC had been using Beta Software to demonstrate the functionality of the counting machines. But come to think of it, even without the counting machines, elections in our country [...]

1 01, 2004

New Year, New Hopes

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So long 2003, and welcome 2004! It's another year to look forward to. It seems that time really flies. January 1, 2003 seems just like yesterday to me. I keep on wondering how a whole year can just come and go without me really noticing. We'll maybe it's because I'm working (or at least pretending [...]