15 10, 2011

Mama We Love You

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Much sadness and loneliness fills our hearts As we slowly realize that you are gone. Yet we are also filled with gladness that you are free; United with God our Father in heaven. Mama, we miss and love you so much. Indeed we will always keep you in our hearts.

18 06, 2009

As The Rain Pours

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It's early evening. As I make my way home,  the heavy rain comes  down. It pounds heavily on the roof of the car and the windshield wipers seem to have little effect. Most of the other vehicles have slowed down considerably though there are still a few who show no concern for others' or their [...]

16 11, 2007


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It was quite late in the evening. The distinct sound of a woman's high heels striking the hard tiles can be heard echoing just in front of him. It sounded as if she wanted to get in and out of the place as quickly as she could. The young man wondered why. The young man [...]

28 02, 2007

Sleepy Dilemna

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My eyelids keep on closingDespite my efforts to keep from dozingThe more I try to keep my eyes wide openThe drowsiness leads my jaw to drop wide openNo matter how hard I stretch out my armsI feel Dreamland calling to me with it's charmsIt seems that any minute now I'll fall asleepI don't even have [...]

4 10, 2006


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After tropical storm "Milenyo" (international name "Xangsane") hit last week, Metro Manila and other affected areas were plunged in darkness...well, at least during the night. That's because most power lines were downed by fallen billboards and trees. Of course, some power cables got stolen during the height of the storm, believe it or not, but [...]

4 10, 2006

Through A Storm

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Last week, on September 28, 2006, typhoon "Xangsane" (locally called "Milenyo" here in the Philippines), wrecked havoc in Metro Manila. It was the first time in 11 years that a strong typhoon directly passed over the metropolis.That morning, my wife and I had decided to stay home instead of going to work when we learned [...]

29 01, 2006

The Old Man and the Pandesals

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There once lived a poor old man named Mang Manoy who had barely enough to live on. He waited each morning in front of the small bakery where the owner, Mang Jun, would give him a small bag of small pandesals that were made from leftover dough. No one else would buy such pandesals so [...]

28 01, 2006

Growing Young on Each Birthday

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"Happy birthday to you!"A greeting children are always happy to hearPerhaps it's because of the parties.Perhaps it's because of all the gifts.Yet as we grow olderBeing greeted as suchIs sometimes too much to bear.Remembering how old we areTruly makes us sigh at times.However, that really shouldn't be the case.Denying our age is something we really [...]

8 08, 2005

We are Blessed

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We are so blessed that we can share bites during a mealand sips of soda, juice, or iced tea.We are so blessed that can we share embarassing momentsand the ensuing laughter that follows.We are so blessed that we can share the simple joyof holding hands in a mall, park, or just about anywhere.We are so [...]