I am REIVI DELA CRUZ and I have almost 20 years of experience in the IT Industry with an expertise on iSeries (AS/400) software programming and development, as well as analysis and design. Yes, you may call me a dinosaur if you are are familiar with the iSeries, the AS/400, RPG, and COBOL.

CONSTANTREFLECTIONS.COM aims to consolidate the different blog posts I have written in the past several years. These blogs were written across different platforms (WordPress and Blogger) and domains that I registered but eventually gave up. If my memory serves me right, I started blogging as early as 2003 until around 2011. There are a lot of gaps in my blogging in between those years though, so it’s not like I have written a whole lot of stuff. Some of those blog entries will eventually be imported here for historical purposes and hopefully you’ll find them interesting along with newer articles.

Why CONSTANT REFELCTIONS? I like to think and reflect about lots of stuff. There’s politics, relationships. faith, food, technology, and others.

Aside from reflections, you’ll also find literary works like short stories and poems. These most likely started out with me reflecting on something, but eventually my mind wandered and so it ended up with something else.